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Mark on the U.S.S. Yorktown

Mark Adams on the flight deck of the U.S.S. YORKTOWN filming JUDGMENT DAY (1992)

This is the official website of the Emmy Award-Winning Independent Filmmaker Mark L. Adams.

He has made over 30 short and feature-length productions that have been entered into film and video festivals around the world, winning over 15 awards for both narrative and documentary categories. 

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The CPB/PBS Producers Academy Workshop 2009

Mark was one of 20 filmmakers chosen from around the country to attend the CPB/PBS Producers Academy Workshop at WGBH in Boston, MA June 20 - 26, 2009

Mark Adams screens his documentary CAROLINA CAUGHT (2008) in the FRONTLINE Viewing Room at WGBH during the CPB/PBS Producers Workshop 2009

Mark Adams with his 2010 Southeast Emmy Award for his ETV documentary CAROLINA CAUGHT (6/26/10)

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Mark is also writing a book on his filmmaking experiences called "TRULY INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING: Or How Iíve Made Over 1000 Films And Videos And No One Has Ever Heard Of Me." Excerpts from his book are used throughout this web site.

Independent Filmmaker Mark Adams in 1997





Itís the beginning of the end for Frank Lawrence from the award-winning film END OF THE LINE (2002)

For more information on Mark Adams, please check the Biography page.


Mark Adams returns to Patriots Point for his documentary THE VANISHING GENERATION (2006)

Xavier Blake, Tom Posey and Mark Adams filming at the U.S. Capitol Building for ETV's THE BIG PICTURE (2007)


For more information about Mark's films and videos, please visit the Filmography page.


Jason and Dr. Newman try to escape in TRUE IDENTITY (1994)




Joe Estevez faces evil in LOST SOULS AND EVIL THOUGHTS (2002) (also called MINDS OF TERROR and EVIL THOUGHTS)



Ken Gray tries to understand what is happening to him in DECONSTRUCTION (2001)

It's the end of the world and the pizza has just arrived in WAR, DEATH, & PIZZA (1989)



A warning appears in JUDGMENT DAY (1992) 

The battle to defeat evil in the name of ratings has begun in PROPHECY, DEATH AND OTHER FUN THINGS (1998)



Kelly and Decker enter the doorway through time in TIMELINE (1996)

Karla tries to save Andy in LOST SOULS (2003) (also called MINDS OF TERROR)



Errol Hattaway faces an uncertain future as a shrimp boat fisherman in ETV's CAROLINA CAUGHT (2008) 

Mark Adams films on board the shrimp boat "Betty H" for his Emmy Award-winning HD documentary CAROLINA CAUGHT (2008)


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